Make A Wish, Baby!

Gigi is going to Make A Wish, baby! A few months ago, she was referred for a wish from the Make A Wish Foundation. She asked for a camper very clearly. I was so proud of her for that! Today, her wish was granted! We celebrated the heck out of it!

Gigi and Isabel had special outfits. Even though Isa was headed to school, we wanted her to be part of the special day. Isabel needed to stay in her routine. Today, the focus needed to be on Gigi. But, Isa is definitely a huge part of Gigi’s heart, so she wanted her to feel special too.

Picture of two outfits laid neatly on a wooden floor. The outfit on the left is a mint green tee with an image of a vintage camper with the words 'Happy Camper' and 'Gigi's Wish 
2021' on it. The skirt is dark colored with a sequined rainbow on it. The outfit on the right has a white tee with a black image of a camp fire and two marshmallow roasting sticks over it. The words 'Camping Crew' are written in an arch above it. The skirt below it has tiny flowers covering it.

We owe a huge thank you to Kunes RV! They did an amazing job of making Gigi feel special. We are also very grateful to her wish granters, Carmen and Maggie. Mary was on site to interpret too! Gigi arrived at the RV dealership to find presents awaiting her!

Image of Gigi, a small Asian girl, standing in front of a small travel trailer with a rectangular blue sign hanging from it. The sign says "Make A Wish." She is holding a present wrapped in white paper with a blue bow on it. She is holding a small blue star shaped balloon. In front of her is a small camping chair and backpack.

After checking out her presents, she began to explore her camper.

Image of Gigi, a small Asian girl, standing in the doorway of a small travel trailer. She is holding a small balloon shaped like a blue star. She is smiling broadly.
Image of Gigi, a small Asian girl, exploring a small travel trailer. Her brother, Bowen, a small Asian boy with Dwarfism, stands behind her. He is dressed in white shorts and a tan t-shirt.

Gigi was so excited! There are bunk beds! She claimed the top bunk right away.

Image of Gigi, a small Asian girl, sitting on the top bunk of a travel trailer. Her facial expression is a large grin.

As she explored the camper, she found tiny surprises everywhere. There were cookies for her. The baker had included a beautiful drawing from her 5 year old. We got your picture Quinn, it made us so happy!

Image of Gigi, a small Asian girl, holding a box of custom cookies. The visible cookie is frosted purple with black letters on it that say 'Camp Gigi.' Gigi is grinning broadly. Her sister Tess, also a small Asian girl, is sitting behind her smiling at the camera.

Her wish was granted. She can’t wait to take a trip in her new RV.

Image of Gigi, a small Asian girl, sitting in front of her travel trailer in her camping chair. She is smiling broadly and holding a blue star balloon. Her siblings Ally, Fox, Tess, Bo, Cate, and Jax are standing behind her smiling as well. The words 'Wish Granted' have been added to the picture in pink text just above the children's heads.

–FullPlateMom, who is headed to Pinterest for decorating ideas.

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