About Us

Before there were the children, there was just us.


We adopted nine children in just a little over a decade.  We never intended our family to become so large so quickly.  We adopted our first four children from the U.S., through private adoption situations and then we met our three Ghanaian children.  We went from a family of six to a family of nine in under a year.  The transition wasn’t easy, but it was beautiful.  It was because of our then seven children that we decided to adopt again.  It was because of them that we leapt out in faith again.  This time, we entered the world of special needs adoption.

Our daughter, Tess, was labeled ‘terminal’ by the country that had given birth to her.  She’s not, but the idea of it was so very frightening.  We all had to take that step together though, and we became stronger because of it.  After adopting our baby girl, the idea of special needs adoption became less scary, and our kids, once again, rallied for another sibling.

This time, we found our son, waiting in China, just like his sister had been.  Our son is our first experience with a visible special need.  It turns out though, that aside from his size, his need is a non-need.  On a daily basis, it doesn’t effect him in the slightest.  He is an amazing little boy.

They’re all amazing.  And, even though they’re so many in number, on a day to day basis, we’re just like any other family.














After our son came two more daughters with visible needs.  Cate joined us in 2014 and Gigi burst her way onto the scene in December 2015.  We are now lucky 13 in numbers.  It’s chaos, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. pat boyle egland says:

    Such a beautiful family.


  2. Maria Zuccarello says:

    Great blog. Gives us hope as we enter the world of domestic adoption. Chek out our Facebook page at gene and Maria adoption profile.


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