Quarantine Chronicles: August slow rolls in.

Might as well. *shrug*

These days of COVID seem never-ending.

We’re slow moving over here, and still hanging out at home. There have been lots of campfires.

FPD and I have been running together a lot. Sometimes, we’re joined by new friends.

And old ones too. Well, not too old.

Ally is cooking and baking all the things. Hence the need to get out and run!

Sofia has been painting a lot.

I’ve been watching what is left of the MLB, even they’ve been COVID impacted.

FPD is preparing to head to the classroom next month for his first year of teaching 5th grade!


–FullPlateMom, who is pretty sure its virtual school for us.

Dr. Nurse Mom

Today was my first day of school for me. I attended orientation for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice Program at George Washington University. My focus will be in Health Policy. I have a whole lot of hopes and dreams for this degree. Most of them have to do with my current role in our local public school system, but all of those are rooted in the experience of my own children and how much better life would have been for him if agencies they worked with had health policies that were trauma informed.

I know how insane it is to commit to a doctoral program while parenting 11 children and one college ager. But, I have done crazy things in the past and had them work out beautifully.

In fact, that’s how all those kids got to me.

So, here I go…

–FullPlateMom, who is ready to become Dr. Nurse Becky

Quarantine Chronicles: 4th of July fly by.

The 4th of July flew by. We are hanging close to home to avoid the dreaded virus. While each day is long, the summer is going fast.

Sundae bar on the 4th of July
Drive in movie night. The kids decorated boxes to sit in with their blankets.
We’ve been hiking all over the Southern Wisconsin woods.
Isa and Gigi are in awe of this tiny toad.
Tess has become a HUGE HamilFan
We surprised her with this book. She is LOVING it!
We got Ally a hammock to enjoy. She can’t seem to enjoy it alone though!

–FullPlateMom, who is enjoying this different kind of summer.