Adoption Ethics: Policing Our Own Community

Yesterday, I posted about the ethics surrounding adoption, what I have learned during my ten adoptions over the 15 years. Adoption has brought me a community that is tight knit. Adoption from China, specifically, has a community with a culture all of its own. We all share a common history for our kids, but weContinue reading “Adoption Ethics: Policing Our Own Community”

Adoption Ethics: 15 Years of Lessons

This post has been 15 years in the making. Next month marks the 15th anniversary of Joe and I completing our first home study to adopt. Along the way, we have learned a thing or two about adoption ethics. Yes, adoption has its own set of ethics that are sometimes ignored by would-be parents whoseContinue reading “Adoption Ethics: 15 Years of Lessons”

A Crazy Brave Book Sale for Tian Ci

On Tuesday night, Tess and I held a live book sale via Facebook with all proceeds going directly to our crazy brave Tian Ci.  Tess sat next to me the entire time, well past her usual bedtime, watching every video and requesting that I read her each comment posted.  She is SO committed to raisingContinue reading “A Crazy Brave Book Sale for Tian Ci”