Spring break 2021: A Different Sort of Break

We just spent a week in the gulf Shores of Alabama for Spring Break 2021. After the year we’ve had, we figured we were due for a break and we planned to make it as COVID safe as possible. I rented a house right across the street from the beach and we planned on doingContinue reading “Spring break 2021: A Different Sort of Break”

Skiing with the teen boys

I took the teenage boys skiing this week. I am in a transition period with work, which has been pretty difficult to manage. Skiing with these guys brought joy. I don’t feel like a very good mom to them lately. Mental health issues for teenagers during a pandemic have taken a wrecking ball to ourContinue reading “Skiing with the teen boys”

Getting Through Those Winter Blues

Getting through a Wisconsin winter is a struggle on a regular basis. This year sure isn’t any sort of regular. We are terrified of COVID because of Tess and Gigi’s hearts, so everyone is still out of school. I am doing my best to offer up fun, outdoor, winter activities. We took the littles snowContinue reading “Getting Through Those Winter Blues”

A feast in the Great Hall

Just like every holiday during 2020, the idea of Thanksgiving in quarantine felt odd. My children have also been having a racial reckoning of their own this year. While we seen racism and bigotry personally directed at them, they are becoming more cognizant of what systemic oppression looks like. To them, it looks a lotContinue reading “A feast in the Great Hall”