Thankful For Changes

This year was our first year eating Thanksgiving dinner with just us.  “Just” is relative term when there are 13 people in our immediate family.  On Thanksgiving last year, my extended family decided we were no longer welcome at their holiday celebrations.  By Christmas, it was decided they would no speak to us at all.Continue reading “Thankful For Changes”

Combatting Racial Trauma in Preschool

More times than I can even count over my fifteen years of parenting, I have had an African American friend or acquaintance tell me that they must confess something to me.  They lean in, and quietly whisper ‘I usually don’t like seeing white people raising Black children.’  I lean in as well, and tell them,Continue reading “Combatting Racial Trauma in Preschool”

Maybe There’s Nothing Left To Say?

I have gotten many a message this week about Charlottesville.  I was shocked too, I get it.  But, I don’t know that I’m shocked about the same things that other people are.  I am only shocked by the lack of hoods.  The openness of it was shocking to me.  The rest of it?  Not shocking.Continue reading “Maybe There’s Nothing Left To Say?”