To My Boys, at the End of our Adventure.

Hi Boys, It’s mom.  I always write these letters when we’re either heading headlong into, or beelining it out of, adventure.  This time, we’re on our way out.  And we will have to make a beeline, straight for the airport tomorrow morning, and straight onto that plane if we’re going to make our connection inContinue reading “To My Boys, at the End of our Adventure.”

The Privilege of Being American.

I’ve written about the day my foreign born children were handed their visas to America MANY times. Here is Cate’s post from last year. And Bowen’s is here. Tess’s can be found here. For anyone who hasn’t read our Ghanaian kids’s stories from 2009-2010, we had to fight like hell to get their visas outContinue reading “The Privilege of Being American.”