Gigi Outside: A Make A Wish Story

In late October, we learned that Gigi would need another heart surgery. It was so disappointing. Immediately, I requested a referral to Make A Wish. There was zero question about what she would ask for. Gigi is an outdoors girl, she is always requesting to go outside. Virtual school ends and she is signing “GigiContinue reading “Gigi Outside: A Make A Wish Story”

My Wish for You (Her Wish: The Final Day).

Dear Tess, Today is the final day of your wish.  Well, we have two days of driving left, but I doubt there will be much to say about those, except “He’s TOUCHING ME!!” and “STOP IT!” I’m kidding, kind of. I think you feel all this drawing to a close, and you’re not sure quiteContinue reading “My Wish for You (Her Wish: The Final Day).”

The Aquarium (Her Wish: Day Six).

Tessa Claire!!! Today was “the best day ever!”  You say that about every single day, and girlfriend, I love ya for it.  That’s what you tell me about all the ice cream you’ve eaten, “Girlfriend, I love ya for it!”  I get ‘I love you’ about fifty times a day out of you, which makesContinue reading “The Aquarium (Her Wish: Day Six).”