Graduation Day for Cam! Class of 2021

It’s graduation day for Cam! FPD and I were able to attend the event IN PERSON. No Zoom graduation this year. WOOHOO! We are so proud of Cam. He persevered through some tough loss this year. He attended approximately 8 weeks of in person school. Everything else was cancelled or done virtually. I don’t thinkContinue reading “Graduation Day for Cam! Class of 2021”

Gigi turns 9: A Golden Birthday

We’re celebrating a golden birthday in the house. Gigi turns 9 today!!! She loves Legos and the Dogman series, so that is what she got. So many Legos and so many Dogman books. She made some beautiful art of her greatest “wish”, more news on that coming soon! The day ended with a thunderstorm followedContinue reading “Gigi turns 9: A Golden Birthday”

Spring break 2021: A Different Sort of Break

We just spent a week in the gulf Shores of Alabama for Spring Break 2021. After the year we’ve had, we figured we were due for a break and we planned to make it as COVID safe as possible. I rented a house right across the street from the beach and we planned on doingContinue reading “Spring break 2021: A Different Sort of Break”

A feast in the Great Hall

Just like every holiday during 2020, the idea of Thanksgiving in quarantine felt odd. My children have also been having a racial reckoning of their own this year. While we seen racism and bigotry personally directed at them, they are becoming more cognizant of what systemic oppression looks like. To them, it looks a lotContinue reading “A feast in the Great Hall”