God Bless the USA.

FullPlateDad and I have been Facetiming morning and night so he can tell me about the day’s adventures.  The days following the medical exam were low key. Mighty’s TB test was negative.  WOOHOO!!!  That was really the only thing that could have thrown a wrench in the adoption works. Smooth sailing from here. FPD andContinue reading “God Bless the USA.”

Going Back Before Moving On.

FullPlateDad was offered the chance to visit Mighty’s orphanage today.  We had discussed the possibility of this prior to FPD going to China.  We agreed that if Mighty was grieving so badly that taking him back would be a set back emotionally, FPD would politely decline.   Not a problem.  He loves everything.  So, it seemedContinue reading “Going Back Before Moving On.”