Making It Official.

FullPlateDad returned to the Provincial Office today following his “harmonious period” with Mighty (which was actually very harmonious considering what Mighty has been through) and signed the paperwork that made Mighty officially a member of the FullPlateFamily.  Prior to taking the “Adoption Oath,” FPD was chatting with Mighty in Mandarin.  The official was so impressedContinue reading “Making It Official.”

And then they were 9.

FPD has Mighty!!!  Yesterday was a long one for all of us.  FPD got up early and went for a run, enjoying the sights of the West Lake in Hangzhou.   FPD reports that it’s gorgeous and that he can’t wait to explore the sights with Mighty.  He ran back to the hotel to showerContinue reading “And then they were 9.”

Oh yes he did…in Shanghai, just like he said he would.

Anyone who has met FPD knows he’s a runner.  In fact, sometimes he’s a runner to the point where there is contention about the running.  When you have 8, almost 9, kids it’s hard for one person to have a hobby that occupies quite that much time.  He’s found the balance though.  He gets up earlyContinue reading “Oh yes he did…in Shanghai, just like he said he would.”