Quarantine Chronicles

Here we all are, still staying home (you are, right? Please tell me you are?). This was the view from where I am. Well, it was a few days ago. Spring has sprung on what was supposed to be an uneventful, exciting school year. Ally and I returned from Paris, and we all went backContinue reading “Quarantine Chronicles”

Disney 2018: All the things I want to remember.

Hi Kids!  It’s mom here.  I’m writing to you at the tail end of our Disney 2018 adventure.  We haven’t been here since January of 2017.  We were supposed to come in January of 2018, but your sister’s impending arrival put a little crimp in those plans, so here we are, ten months later.  IsabelContinue reading “Disney 2018: All the things I want to remember.”

DC Day 2–Their History and Culture

Today was the day!  The kids finally got to see the African-American Museum of History and Culture! We rode the Metro to get there. Those four were quite excited. Then we walked through one very famous mall to get to the museum. The museum was amazing. But the absolute best part is, none of itContinue reading “DC Day 2–Their History and Culture”

Have Sport, Will Travel. This Time.

FullPlateDad (FPD) and I have spent a parenting lifetime avoiding club sports, sometimes to the chagrin of our children. AJ, our 14-year-old son from Ghana, is very sad to never have participated in the highest level of soccer achievable. We put him on the mid-level, non-traveling team, on scholarship. When he asked why we wouldn’tContinue reading “Have Sport, Will Travel. This Time.”