Halloween 2017

2017’s theme is “Just keep swimming!”  So, this seemed so appropriate. Our little Dory is struggling a little.  Her lungs are always troublesome, but her weight is now a concern too.  We’re trying to figure out why she’s so very fragile. Luckily, she’s got people to swim right along beside her.  Always. While her bodyContinue reading “Halloween 2017”


I attended Refresh Chicago this weekend.  I had been planning this for months.  It has been on my calendar since March.  I barely made it.  Joe and I had a HUGE fight.  The kid in our home who struggles the most with attachment chose the week of the conference to have a week of meltdowns.  ThisContinue reading “Refresh(er)”

I Love Sundays.

We are STILL waiting for our I800A approval from the government in order to move forward with our adoption from Colombia.  It is now day 48.  Sigh.   Sundays at our house are slow and lazy.  They’re mandatory family time as we worship at home together.  I’ve explained before why we left our church.  This morning’s sermon,Continue reading “I Love Sundays.”

The Day the Church Lost Us: Why We ‘Home Church’

About two years ago, we stopped going to church.  We used Tess as an excuse, because she was sick, she couldn’t be around large crowds.  We said we didn’t want all the germs.  That wasn’t the reason though.  The church we had been attending was superficially supportive of our family, but wouldn’t let us becomeContinue reading “The Day the Church Lost Us: Why We ‘Home Church’”