Letting Go & Creating Boundaries

Life has changed a little around here since we returned home from the beach. Things between Joe and Brady went well while we were away. The mental health professionals in our life right now recommended a break apart from each other to help Brady. I fought that idea, explaining that I have never seen thatContinue reading “Letting Go & Creating Boundaries”

Skiing with the teen boys

I took the teenage boys skiing this week. I am in a transition period with work, which has been pretty difficult to manage. Skiing with these guys brought joy. I don’t feel like a very good mom to them lately. Mental health issues for teenagers during a pandemic have taken a wrecking ball to ourContinue reading “Skiing with the teen boys”


I attended Refresh Chicago this weekend.  I had been planning this for months.  It has been on my calendar since March.  I barely made it.  Joe and I had a HUGE fight.  The kid in our home who struggles the most with attachment chose the week of the conference to have a week of meltdowns.  ThisContinue reading “Refresh(er)”

Anne With An ‘E’ Has Trauma With A Capital ‘T’

I have no new adoption updates. We’re still waiting for paperwork and biding our time. This is where the process frustrates me the most. I have a pace at which I want this process to move along, but it is completely out of my control. Bureaucracy is what it is. I have been keeping myselfContinue reading “Anne With An ‘E’ Has Trauma With A Capital ‘T’”

Empowering for Adulthood

Our goal as parents is to raise children who become free and autonomous adults.  Free thinkers, able to regulate, capable of higher level thought processes and decision making.  We want happy kids who turn into happy adults.  When you have a kid from a hard place getting to that point feels as daunting as summitingContinue reading “Empowering for Adulthood”