New Year’s Resolutions–Full Plate Style.

When we all eat dinner together, which isn’t every night because you know, sports and all, we always pray together.    It’s our thing.  We go in age order, one kid per night, asking them to tell everyone else what they’re praying for specifically.  Highlighting one child makes it intentional.  It makes them think.  IContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions–Full Plate Style.”

We Found Love Right Where We Are.

Today marks fifteen years of marriage for this couple.  This December will mark twenty years of togetherness.  I’ve tried to write this post about one thousand times in my head as this day approached.  There are so many things I want to say.  So many things I want Joe and the kids to know aboutContinue reading “We Found Love Right Where We Are.”

One Perfect Day.

It’s Spring Break week here at FullPlate Manor.  We are working on knowing our limits though, and it is beyond my ability right now to plan a vacation and execute in any sort of successful way.  So, we all decided to stay home and just be.  Changes are coming.  Week after next Dolly will rollContinue reading “One Perfect Day.”