We Forgot our Frocks.

This post has nothing to do with nudity.  Sorry to disappoint.  Although, if you keep reading, there might be some point in the future where I do forget to get dressed before leaving the house.  After all, I did run myself over with my own mini-van once.  Story for another time though. The FullPlateFamily didContinue reading “We Forgot our Frocks.”

Resolution, Smesolution. Who needs ’em?

We don’t do New Year’s resolutions around here.  Mostly, because they don’t make sense to us, or to our Dolly.  She wants you to know that A LOT of things don’t make sense to her.  Like why won’t we feed her Pringles ALL THE TIME?  She loves that red can!  She shrieks with joy everyContinue reading “Resolution, Smesolution. Who needs ’em?”