Trauma Resources

Kids who come from hard places occupy so much of FullPlateMom’s heart. As a Pediatric Nurse she saw the impact of medical trauma firsthand, but as mom to several children who came from hard places she had to deepen her learning, including learning to parent a completely different way than she was parented. In learning the techniques that would help her own kids, she began to see that she could help other parents help their kids.

FullPlateMom completed her Master’s degree and became an Advanced Practice Nurse with a focus in children’s mental health. From there, she began doing post-Master’s work in Complex Developmental Trauma and techniques for rebuilding trust in tiny, wounded spirits. She spent two years working as a parent coach in her community, at the same time she was helping to build up her own small business. This past year, she was hired as a School Nurse in her local school district. She works in a Title 1 school that serves a high population of scholars who have lived through trauma.

The most frequent emails or Facebook messages that come to FullPlateMom are messages from parents struggling to find their path to techniques to helping their own child through Complex Developmental Trauma. If you are looking to start your learning. You can start here. Once you have done some reading on the techniques FullPlateMom believes in wholeheartedly, you can join our Facebook group to deepen your own learning. Our Facebook group is full of knowledgable, committed parents who will share their knowledge with you. We’re going to ask you to do the hard work first, and we are going to ask you to come with a positive attitude about your child. You need to come to us with a knowledge of anti-racist practices and an open heart for ALL kids, including those that identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. In other words, bigots need not request.